notify 1.1.2

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Cross-platform filesystem notification library for Rust.


notify = "1.1"

Notify uses semver, so only major versions break backward compatibility. While Rust hasn't reached 1.0, compatibility breaks through language evolution are ignored and counted as bugfixes; the compatibility is for this API only.


extern crate notify;

use notify::{RecommendedWatcher, Error, Watcher};
use std::sync::mpsc::channel;

fn main() {
  // Create a channel to receive the events.
  let (tx, rx) = channel();

  // Automatically select the best implementation for your platform.
  // You can also access each implementation directly e.g. PollWatcher.
  let mut w: Result<RecommendedWatcher, Error> = Watcher::new(tx);

  match w {
    Ok(mut watcher) => {
      // Add a path to be watched. All files and directories at that path and
      // below will be monitored for changes."/home/test/notify"));

      // You'll probably want to do that in a loop. The type to match for is
      // notify::Event, look at src/ for details.
      match rx.recv() {
        _ => println!("Recv.")
    Err(e) => println!("Error")


  • Linux / Android: inotify
  • All platforms: polling (only op::WRITE)


  • Windows: ReadDirectoryChangesW
  • OS X: FSEvents
  • BSD / OS X / iOS: kqueue
  • Solaris 11: FEN

Known Bugs

  • polling backend only handles op::WRITEs
  • see TODO comments in the code for more

Pull requests and bug reports happily accepted!


Inspired by Go's fsnotify, born out of need for cargo watch, and general frustration at the non-existence of C/Rust cross-platform notify libraries.

Written from scratch by Félix Saparelli, and released in the Public Domain.