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Cross-platform filesystem notification library for Rust.


notify = "^2.3"


extern crate notify;

use notify::{RecommendedWatcher, Error, Watcher};
use std::sync::mpsc::channel;

fn main() {
  // Create a channel to receive the events.
  let (tx, rx) = channel();

  // Automatically select the best implementation for your platform.
  // You can also access each implementation directly e.g. INotifyWatcher.
  let mut w: Result<RecommendedWatcher, Error> = Watcher::new(tx);

  match w {
    Ok(mut watcher) => {
      // Add a path to be watched. All files and directories at that path and
      // below will be monitored for changes."/home/test/notify");

      // You'll probably want to do that in a loop. The type to match for is
      // notify::Event, look at src/ for details.
      match rx.recv() {
        _ => println!("Recv.")
    Err(e) => println!("Error")


  • Linux / Android: inotify
  • OS X: FSEvent
  • All platforms: polling


  • Windows: ReadDirectoryChangesW (see #4)
  • BSD / OS X / iOS: kqueue
  • Solaris 11: FEN

Pull requests and bug reports happily accepted!


Inspired by Go's fsnotify, born out of need for cargo watch, and general frustration at the non-existence of C/Rust cross-platform notify libraries.

Written by Félix Saparelli and awesome contributors, and released in the Public Domain using the Creative Commons Zero Declaration.