notify-debouncer-full 0.1.0

notify event debouncer optimized for ease of use

Notify Debouncer Full

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A debouncer for notify that is optimized for ease of use.

  • Only emits a single Rename event if the rename From and To events can be matched
  • Merges multiple Rename events
  • Optionally keeps track of the file system IDs all files and stiches rename events together (FSevents, Windows)
  • Emits only one Remove event when deleting a directory (inotify)
  • Doesn't emit duplicate create events
  • Doesn't emit Modify events after a Create event


  • crossbeam enabled by default, for crossbeam channel support.

    This may create problems used in tokio environments. See #380.
    Use someting like the following to disable it.

    notify-debouncer-full = { version = "*", default-features = false }

    This also passes through to notify as crossbeam-channel feature.

  • serde for serde support of event types, off by default