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A debouncer for notify that is optimized for ease of use.

  • Only emits a single Rename event if the rename From and To events can be matched
  • Merges multiple Rename events
  • Optionally keeps track of the file system IDs all files and stiches rename events together (FSevents, Windows)
  • Emits only one Remove event when deleting a directory (inotify)
  • Doesn’t emit duplicate create events
  • Doesn’t emit Modify events after a Create event


notify-debouncer-full = "0.1.0"

In case you want to select specific features of notify, specify notify as dependency explicitely in your dependencies. Otherwise you can just use the re-export of notify from debouncer-easy.

notify-debouncer-full = "0.1.0"
notify = { version = "..", features = [".."] }


use notify_debouncer_full::{notify::*, new_debouncer, DebounceEventResult};

// Select recommended watcher for debouncer.
// Using a callback here, could also be a channel.
let mut debouncer = new_debouncer(Duration::from_secs(2), None, |result: DebounceEventResult| {
    match result {
        Ok(events) => events.iter().for_each(|event| println!("{event:?}")),
        Err(errors) => errors.iter().for_each(|error| println!("{error:?}")),

// Add a path to be watched. All files and directories at that path and
// below will be monitored for changes.
debouncer.watcher().watch(Path::new("."), RecursiveMode::Recursive).unwrap();

// Add the same path to the file ID cache. The cache uses unique file IDs
// provided by the file system and is used to stich together rename events
// in case the notification back-end doesn't emit rename cookies.
debouncer.cache().add_root(Path::new("."), RecursiveMode::Recursive);


The following crate features can be turned on or off in your cargo dependency config:

  • crossbeam enabled by default, adds DebounceEventHandler support for crossbeam channels. Also enables crossbeam-channel in the re-exported notify. You may want to disable this when using the tokio async runtime.
  • serde enables serde support for events.



  • Debouncer guard, stops the debouncer on drop.
  • A cache to hold the file system IDs of all watched files.
  • An implementation of the FileIdCache trait that doesn’t hold any data.



  • Short function to create a new debounced watcher with the recommended debouncer and the built-in file ID cache.
  • Creates a new debounced watcher with custom configuration.

Type Definitions

  • A result of debounced events. Comes with either a vec of events or vec of errors.
  • A debounced event. At the moment this is the same as a normal event.