not-stakkr 1.0.0

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not-stakkr is a platform that allows you to create and queue tweets to be shared when YOU want. You create content when you have time and then use FOSS and NOT pay whatever-ridiculous amount of $$$ for posting them automatically.



Stock values

If you want to use an already set-up application decrypt (and verify) assets/stock-app.toml.asc into $CONFIG_DIR/app.toml.

Simple usage

First, enter the app data you got when making a Twitter app on (or use the stock values for a pre-set app):

not-stakkr init
App key: ...
App secret: ...

Then, authorise users by pasting the provided link into a logged-in browser then entering the resulting PIN:

not-stakkr add-user
Visit this URL: ...
Enter the PIN from that page: ...

Afterwards add tweets:

not-stakkr queue-tweets
Author (or empty to finish): ...
Tweet content: ...
Time to post the tweet (RFC2822 or RFC3339): ...

Author (or empty to finish):

At any point after init you can start the daemon, which will be posting tweets:

not-stakkr start-daemon
Posted tweet "..." scheduled for ... by ... at ... with ID ...
Posted tweet "..." scheduled for ... by ... at ... with ID ...

For more detailed information see the manpages.