nextaction-rs 0.2.1

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Nextaction is a webhook server for Todoist which mimics omnifocus' behavior and can automate your nextaction workflow.



Nextaction will auto tag current nextaction task with @nextaction. It also supports parallel task (with '-' append) and sequential task (with ':' append).


    |-taskB  // This task will be tagged @nextaction

after you complete taskB, it will become

        |-taskD // This task will be tagged @nextaction

And for parallel tasks:

    |-taskB // This task will be tagged @nextaction
    |-taskC // This task will also be tagged @nextaction

So that you can add a filter on @nextaction to make you focused.

Parallel tasks and sequential tasks can corporate with each other seamlessly:

    |   |-taskC // This task will be tagged @nextaction
    |   |-taskD
    |-taskE // This task will be tagged @nextaction


Nextaction also supports a tag called @someday. The logic is: when Nextaction meets a task which should be tagged @nextaction but currently has tag @someday, it won't tag @nextaction to that task. So that your someday tasks won't show up on your nextaction list.


You should set environment variable NXTT_token to your todoist token.

To build the application, (rust)[] is needed. Run: git clone && cargo run --release

Docker Image

A docker image is also available. Run it by docker run -it -e NXTT_token=<your todoist token> wooya/nextaction


  • Make nextaction-rs cargo-installable
  • Auto complete parent task && archive parent project if all sub tasks/projects are completed/archived
  • Add auto review system