news 0.1.3

Consume the news in yout terminal 📰
news-0.1.3 is not a library.
Visit the last successful build: news-0.1.0

News TUI

License: GPL v3 Twitter Follow GitHub issues

News is a text user interface that allows you to consume daily news in multiple categories like technology, science, health, and so on.

Screenshot 2023-07-15 03-21-17


Using Cargo

cargo install news

Manual Build

git clone
cd news
cargo build



Home Page

key description
j, down Go down
k, up Go up
l, tab Switch category to the right
h, shift+tab Switch category to the left
enter View the content of an article
q Quit

Article view

key description
esc Go back to home page
j, down Sroll down
k, up Scroll up
q Quit