netbox2netshot 0.1.1

Synchronization tool between netbox and netshot
netbox2netshot-0.1.1 is not a library.



Netbox2Netshot is a tool that allows you to synchronize your Netbox DCIM (using specific criterias) to Netshot so your devices would automatically get backed up by Netshot once added in Netbox.

The tool is coded in Rust and doesn't required any runtime dependency installed

How to use


Gather a pre-built binary or install it using Cargo

cargo install netbox2netshot


Most parameters can be set either via command line arguments or environment variables

    netbox2netshot [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] --netbox-token <netbox-token> --netbox-url <netbox-url> --netshot-url <netshot-url>

    -c, --check      Check mode, will not push any change to Netshot
    -d, --debug      Enable debug/verbose mode
    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

        --netbox-devices-filter <netbox-devices-filter>
            The querystring to use to select the devices from netbox [env: NETBOX_DEVICES_FILTER=]  [default: ]

        --netbox-token <netbox-token>                      The Netbox token [env: NETBOX_TOKEN] [default: ]
        --netbox-url <netbox-url>                          The Netbox API URL [env: NETBOX_URL=]
        --netshot-token <netshot-token>                    The Netshot token [env: NETSHOT_TOKEN]
        --netshot-url <netshot-url>                        The Netshot API URL [env: NETSHOT_URL=]
        --netshot-domain-id <netshot-domain-id>
            The domain ID to use when importing a new device [env: NETSHOT_DOMAIN_ID=]

The query-string format need to be like this (url query string without the ?):