ndarray-stats 0.3.0

Statistical routines for ArrayBase, the n-dimensional array data structure provided by ndarray.


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This crate provides statistical methods for ndarray's ArrayBase type.

Currently available routines include:

  • order statistics (minimum, maximum, median, quantiles, etc.);
  • summary statistics (mean, skewness, kurtosis, central moments, etc.)
  • partitioning;
  • correlation analysis (covariance, pearson correlation);
  • measures from information theory (entropy, KL divergence, etc.);
  • deviation functions (distances, counts, errors, etc.);
  • histogram computation.

See the documentation for more information.

Please feel free to contribute new functionality! A roadmap can be found here.

Using with Cargo

ndarray = "0.13"
ndarray-stats = "0.3"


  • 0.3.0

    • New functionality:
      • Deviation functions:
        • Counts equal/unequal
        • l1, l2, linf distances
        • (Root) mean squared error
        • Peak signal-to-noise ratio
      • Summary statistics:
        • Weighted sum
        • Weighted mean
    • Improvements / breaking changes:
      • Updated to ndarray:v0.13.0
      • Minimum supported Rust version: 1.37

    Contributors: @munckymagik, @nilgoyette, @jturner314, @LukeMathWalker

  • 0.2.0

    • New functionality:
      • Summary statistics:
        • Harmonic mean
        • Geometric mean
        • Central moments
        • Kurtosis
        • Skewness
      • Information theory:
        • Entropy
        • Cross-entropy
        • Kullback-Leibler divergence
      • Quantiles and order statistics:
        • argmin / argmin_skipnan
        • argmax / argmax_skipnan
        • Optimized bulk quantile computation (quantiles_mut, quantiles_axis_mut)
    • Fixes:
      • Reduced occurrences of overflow for interpolate::midpoint
    • Improvements / breaking changes:
      • Redesigned error handling across the whole crate, standardising on Result
      • All ndarray-stats' extension traits are now impossible to implement by users of the library (see #34)

    Contributors: @jturner314, @LukeMathWalker, @phungleson, @munckymagik

  • 0.1.0

    • Initial release by @LukeMathWalker and @jturner314.


Please feel free to create issues and submit PRs.


Copyright 2018 ndarray-stats developers

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, or the MIT license, at your option. You may not use this project except in compliance with those terms.