nagiosplugin 0.7.0

A small helper library to make it easy to write nagios/icinga checks.
use std::error::Error;

use nagiosplugin::{safe_run, Metric, Resource, ServiceState, TriggerIfValue};

fn main() {
    safe_run(do_check, ServiceState::Critical).print_and_exit()

fn do_check() -> Result<Resource, Box<dyn Error>> {
    // The first metric will not issue an alarm, the second one will.
    let resource = Resource::new("foo")
        .with_description("This is a simple test plugin")
        .with_result(Metric::new("test", 15).with_thresholds(20, 50, TriggerIfValue::Greater))
        .with_result(Metric::new("alerting", 42).with_thresholds(40, 50, TriggerIfValue::Greater));