minimal-rust-wasm 0.2.0

An extremely minimal Rust + WASM example.

Minimal Rust + WASM Example

An extremely minimal Rust + WASM example that works with GitHub pages. It demonstrates how to write to the DOM and how to call a JavaScript function from Rust. Hopefully this will serve as a helpful reference.


In one tab run:

$ ./bin/setup
$ ./bin/wasm_watch

In another tab run:

$ ./bin/server

If you're not on a Mac, you'll need to install binaryen a different way.

Make a change

Try changing "Hello, world!" to "Hello, foo!" in src/ The ./bin/wasm_watch script should automatically rebuild the project and ./bin/server should reload the web page once that's done. Neat!


To deploy to GitHub pages run:

$ ./bin/deploy

It will compile the project then copy index.html, target/index.wasm and target/index.js to a tmp/ directory. This is then deployed to the gh-pages branch for the current git repository.


Now that you have a working Rust/WASM workflow, refer to the book and the web_sys crate for more information.