markifier 0.1.0

small application for analysing marked work
markifier-0.1.0 is not a library.

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The Markifier is a small Rust script that generates pretty graphs and CSV data from a directory full of appropriately-labeled pieces of work. Basically, it lets you turn a directory of marked work into a nice line graph of your performance over time, with a line of best fit and the mean marked on for you.

Wait, what?

This program basically just scratches a personal itch. I have a bunch of scanned pieces of work that are in a directory something like this:

amazing file 1 [90%].pdf
crappy failure [45%].pdf
recovered this time [100%].pdf

...and I thought it would be nice to graph the percentage values embedded in the work's filename.

More details, please.

The program uses the following regex to analyse files in a directory and get a percentage value out of them:


Basically, it'll accept any file that has a percentage like this: [90%] somewhere in the filename. It's lenient, and parses percentages as floats, so it'll parse [33.3%], [9001%] and [50% yay] just fine.

This data is then ordered by last modified time, the mean calculated, and a CSV file outputted that conforms to the following schema:

 <file index starting at 0>,<last modified in epoch time>,"<file title>",<percentage value>

So, the example directory above would produce data like:

 0,123232323,"amazing file 1 [90%].pdf",90
 1,123232333,"crappy failure [45%].pdf",45
 2,123232456,"recovered this time [100%].pdf",100

To be even nicer, The Markifier will then generate a .gnuplot script that gnuplot can use to plot your data. It even runs gnuplot for you and generates a .png, if you have it installed.


The Markifier takes a configuration file as the first argument when you run it on the command line, e.g:

$ markifier config.toml

This conforms to the following format:

directory = "/path/to/my/documents/"
results_path = "/path/to/my/results/file.csv"
name = "Computer Science for Dummies"
colour = "green"


It's the moment you've all been waiting for, after reading this really long README...actually installing The Markifier! Good news: The Markifier is hosted on, so simply:

$ cargo install markifier

...and you're done!


Licensed under the Unlicense.