lychee 0.8.0

A glorious link checker
lychee-0.8.0 is not a library.

lychee is a fast, asynchronous, resource-friendly link checker. It is able to find broken hyperlinks and mail addresses inside Markdown, HTML, reStructuredText, and any other format.

The lychee binary is a wrapper around lychee-lib, which provides convenience functions for calling lychee from the command-line.

Run it inside a repository with a


You can also specify various types of inputs:

Check links on a website:


Check links in a remote file:


Check links in local file(s):

lychee test.html info.txt

Check links in local files (by shell glob):

lychee ~/projects/*/

Check links in local files (lychee supports advanced globbing and ~ expansion):

lychee "~/projects/big_project/**/README.*"

Ignore case when globbing and check result for each link:

lychee --glob-ignore-case --verbose "~/projects/**/[r]eadme.*"