lightning 0.0.14

A Bitcoin Lightning library in Rust. Does most of the hard work, without implying a specific runtime, requiring clients implement basic network logic, chain interactions and disk storage. Still missing tons of error-handling. See GitHub issues for suggested projects if you want to contribute. Don't have to bother telling you not to use this for anything serious, because you'd have to build a client around it to even try.

Rust-Lightning, not Rusty's Lightning!

A full-featured but also flexible lightning implementation, in library form. This allows the user (you) to decide how they wish to use it instead of being a fully self-contained daemon. This means there is no built-in threading/execution environment and it's up to the user to figure out how best to make networking happen/timers fire/things get written to disk/keys get generated/etc. This makes it a good candidate for tight integration into an existing wallet instead of having a rather-separate lightning appendage to a wallet.