libyubihsm 0.2.1

FFI bindings to

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Rust library for interfacing with the YubiHSM2.


libyubihsm-rs requires the YubiHSM2 SDK in order to build. Once downloaded, (and a matching symlink) should be placed in the system library directory.


Before working with the YubiHSM2, it's recommended to read the Concepts page in the YubiHSM2 documentation. As explained there, most of the YubiHSM2's functionality requires the use of a Session. Sessions can be created through a Connector, which connects to a running instance of yubihsm-connector (which is included in the SDK). Once a Session has been obtained, it can be used for cryptographic functions provided by the YubiHSM2.

libyubihsm-rs is published on crates. It can be added as a dependency by adding the following to your Cargo.toml:

version = "0.1"


Documentation is not currently hosted anywhere, but can be built by cloning this repository and running cargo doc.