libc-print 0.1.21

println! and eprintln! macros on libc without stdlib

no_std libc print/println/eprint/eprintln/dbg

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Implements println!, eprintln! and dbg! on the libc crate without requiring the use of an allocator.

Allows you to use these macros in a #![no_std] context, or in a situation where the traditional Rust streams might not be available (ie: at process shutdown time).

By default this crate provides libc_-prefixed macros, but also allows consumers to import macros with the same name as the stdlib printing macros via the std_name module.


Exactly as you'd use println!, eprintln! and dbg!.


// Use the default `libc_`-prefixed macros:
libc_println!("Hello {}!", "stdout");
libc_eprintln!("Hello {}!", "stderr");
let a = 2;
let b = libc_dbg!(a * 2) + 1;
assert_eq!(b, 5);

Or you can import aliases to std names:

use libc_print::std_name::{println, eprintln, dbg};

println!("Hello {}!", "stdout");
eprintln!("Hello {}!", "stderr");
let a = 2;
let b = dbg!(a * 2) + 1;
assert_eq!(b, 5);