lapacke-static 0.1.0

Statically compiled LAPACKE library

lapacke-static - Statically compiled LAPACKE library

What is this?

This is a package of LAPACKE into a statically compiled rust crate. LAPACKE is a library that allows calling LAPACK implementations with row-major matrix memory layouts, as is conventional in C.


Some LAPACK implementations (e.g. Apple's Accelerate.framework) do not provide the LAPACKE interface, instead supporting only column-major matrix memory layouts.

With this crate, rust code can use either column-major layouts (using directly the the lapack-sys implementation) or row-major layouts (via this crate).

Where is this code from?

LAPACKE/ directory extracted from lapack-3.7.0.tgz downloaded from (sha256sum ef6ce65c1339dd680699d365cc325f8c2310bc10b8b1573a79c5ca5c9bfe1945 )