knx_examples_rs 0.0.4

Examples for KNX Library
knx_examples_rs-0.0.4 is not a library.


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The knx_examples_rs implements some examples how to use the knx_rs crate.


Bus Monitor for logging all KNX bus messages:

knx_listen --serial --serialport /dev/usb_to_knx
knx_listen --multicast

For getting group and address names instead of the numerical values, it is possible to load a OPC file into knx_listen.

knx_listen --opcfile opc/Haus.esf.utf8 --multicast

You can export the OPC File in ETS with:

after that you have to convert the file with:

iconv -f ISO-8859-15 -t UTF-8 Haus.esf > Haus.esf.utf8 


Send a message to a group adress:

knx_send --serial --serialport /dev/usb_to_knx 1/1/1 1
knx_send --multicast 1/1/1 1



Apache License, Version 2.0