killable_thread 0.2.2

A wrapper for thread that allows it to be easily stopped cooperatively

A stoppable, thin wrapper around std::Thread.

Uses std::sync::atomic::AtomicBool and std::thread to create stoppable threads.

The interface is very similar to that of std::thread::Thread (or rather std::thread::JoinHandle) except that every closure passed in must accept a stopped parameter, allowing to check whether or not a stop was requested.

Since all stops must happen gracefully, i.e. by requesting the child thread to stop, partial values can be returned if needed.


use killable_thread;

let handle = killable_thread::spawn(|stopped| {
let mut count: u64 = 0;

while !stopped.get() {
count += 1


// work in main thread

// stop the thread. we also want to collect partial results
let child_count = handle.stop().join().unwrap();