keybase-bot-api 0.4.2

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Keybase Bot API for Rust

Script Keybase Chat in Rust!

This module is a side-project/work in progress and may change or have crashers, but feel free to play with it. As long as you're logged in as a Keybase user, you can use this module to script basic chat commands.


Make sure to install Keybase.

Hello world

use keybase_bot_api::{Chat, Bot, chat::ChannelParams};

fn main() {
  let bot = Bot::new(
    option_env!("KEYBASE_PAPERKEY").expect("Missing KEYBASE_PAPERKEY env")
  let channel = ChannelParams {
    name: format!("{},{}", bot.username, "marcopolo"),
  let msg = "Hello World";

  if let Err(e) = bot.send_msg(&channel, &msg) {
    println!("Failed to send message: {:?}", e);

More examples

Look at the examples folder for a full list of examples. Run them with cargo like so: cargo run --example read.