jsonschema_code_generator 1.0.0

Crate for generating rust types from JSON schemas


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This Rust crate allows you to generate Rust types from JSON Schemas.

It attaches serde_json attributes to the structs for json serialization/deserialization.


use jsonschema_code_generator::generate;
use std::path::Path;

fn main() {
    let rust_code = generate(&Path::new("schemas/draft-04.json"));
    println!("{}", rust_code);


  • Add support for draft 4 schemas
  • Resolve definitions across files
  • Resolve struct name collisions
  • Add macro
  • Merge anyOf and allOf definitions to a single type
  • Add support for draft 7 schemas
  • Add support for draft 2019-09 schemas
  • Add support for draft 2020-12 schemas