iterator-ext 0.2.0

An extension to Rust's Iterator

iterator-ext: An extension to Rust's Iterator trait.


The crate provides the IteratorExt trait extends the capability of those types that implements Iterator. It provides try_filter(), try_flatten() and more fallible adaptors that are analogous to those of Iterator.

The example demonstrates the usage of the adaptors. It accumulates the values from 0 to 9, and keeps only even outcomes. It raises error when the accumulation exceeds 10.

use iterator_ext::IteratorExt;
let results: Vec<_> = (0..10)
    .try_scan(0, |acc, val| {
        *acc += val;
        if *acc <= 10 {
        } else {
            Err("exceed limit")
    .try_filter(|val| Ok(val % 2 == 0))
assert_eq!(results, vec![Ok(0), Ok(6), Ok(10), Err("exceed limit")]);


MIT license. See LICENSE.txt file.