imgui-dx9-renderer 0.8.0

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DirectX 9 renderer for imgui-rs.


This crate makes use of the ComPtr wrapper of the wio crate. You have to either wrap your device pointer in one to pass it to the renderer new constructor or pass it to new_raw which will increment the ref count for you.

let device: *mut IDirect3DDevice9 = /* */;

let mut renderer = unsafe {
    imgui_dx9_renderer::Renderer::new(&mut imgui, wio::com::ComPtr::from_raw(device)).unwrap()
// or 
let mut renderer = unsafe {
    imgui_dx9_renderer::Renderer::new_raw(&mut imgui, device).unwrap()

Then in your rendering loop it's as easy as calling renderer.render(ui.render()).


The crate is documented but imgui-rs doesn't currently build on for the windows target. Due to this one has to either build it themselves or look into the source itself.


Licensed under the MIT license (LICENSE-MIT or