imgui-dx9-renderer 0.3.0

DirectX 9 renderer for the imgui crate failed to build imgui-dx9-renderer-0.3.0
Please check build logs and if you believe this is' fault, report into this issue report.


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DirectX 9 renderer for imgui-rs.


Creating the renderer only requires you to wrap the directx device in a NonNull. Internally the renderer will then add a reference through the COM api with IUnknown::AddRef and remove it again once dropped.

let device = NonNull::new(device).expect("the directx device was null");
let mut renderer = imgui_dx9_renderer::Renderer::new(&mut imgui, device)
    .expect("imgui dx9 renderer creation failed");

Then in your rendering loop it's as easy as calling renderer.render(ui.render()).


The crate is documented but imgui-rs doesn't currently build on for the windows target. Due to this one has to either build it themselves or look into the source itself.


Licensed under the MIT license (LICENSE-MIT or