imdb-id 3.0.7

Get IMDb IDs using a commandline search tool
imdb-id-3.0.7 is not a library.
Visit the last successful build: imdb-id-2.0.4


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An easy-to-use commandline tool to look up the IMDb ID of a movie or show, given its name

It's built for both easy interactive use and scripting capabilities

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Why does this exist?

Because certain sites support searching using these IMDb IDs and it's really useful as an unambiguous identifier

How do I install it?

You need to have Rust installed on your system, then run the following:

cargo install imdb-id

How do I update it?

If a new version has come out since you installed, you can run

cargo install --force imdb-id

To update the program. For a nicer solution to updating any Rust programs you have installed through Cargo, check out cargo-update


    imdb-id [OPTIONS] [search_term]...

            The title of the movie/show you're looking for

        --api-key <api_key>
            Your OMDb API key (overrides saved value if present)

    -f, --format <format>
            Change output format to desired standard
            Formats are only available if you opted-IN at installation
            All the formats imdb-id can support are: json, yaml

    -h, --help
            Print help information

    -n, --non-interactive
            Disables interactive features (always picks the first result)

    -u, --print-url
            Print the full IMDb URL instead of just the ID

    -r, --results <number_of_results>
            The maximum number of results to show from IMDb

    -t, --type <filter_type>
            Filters results to a specific media type (movie or series). Can be given multiple times

    -V, --version
            Print version information

    -y, --year <filter_year>
            Filters results to a specific year, or range of years
            Media which has no year specified will always be included
            Ranges are fully inclusive
            Examples: 2021, 1990-2000, 2000- (2000 onwards), -2000 (before 2000)

            Adjusts the limit on the number of requests per search. Default is 10

Format support

By default, imdb-id only comes with -f/--format support for JSON. To install with all supported formats, use the following command:

cargo install imdb-id --all-features

Or choose the additional formats you want from the below:

  • YAML

And run:

cargo install imdb-id --features "<format_one> <format_two>"

If you're reading this now having already installed imdb-id with the different feature selection to what you wanted, you need to add the --force flag to the install command to let Cargo override your existing installed binary cleanly

If there's a format you'd like to see supported, open up an issue or a pull request and I can see if I can make it happen!


Version 1:

  1. Proof of concept - done as of v0.1.0!
  2. CLI option parsing and non-interactive 'feeling lucky' mode with appropriate output - done as of v0.2.0!
  3. Interactive mode - done as v1.0.0!
  4. Result pagination - done as of v1.0.1!
  5. Filtering by genre - done as of v1.0.2! (note: the v1.0.2 release has glaring bugs, please don't use it)
  6. Filtering by year - done as of v1.0.3!
  7. Different output format support: JSON, YAML, etc. - done as of v1.0.4!
  8. Use async/tokio properly - dismissed as unnecessary when the program only makes a single web request. See note in for more

Version 2:

  1. OMDb API migration - done as of v2.0.0!
  2. Apply filtering at a request level (will result in more results being shown) - done as of v2.0.5!
  3. OMDb automated sign-up - done as of v2.1.0!
  4. Show extra information about media when selecting them - done as of v3.0.0!

Version 3:

  1. Bring back pagination
  2. ???
  3. Profit!