imageboard_downloader 1.7.0

Cli utility to bulk download images from popular imageboard sites (Boorus) using their APIs
imageboard_downloader-1.7.0 is not a library.
Visit the last successful build: imageboard_downloader-1.1.0

Imageboard Downloader

imageboard-downloader-rs is a command-line multi image gallery downloader made in Rust with a very simple, yet extensible API.

It is a cross-platform tool with speed, simple cli interface and multiple simultaneous downloads as its main focus.

imageboard_downloader_rs has a hardcoded limit of 100 pages per download session to prevent API rate-limiting and put less strain on the imageboard's servers.

Avoid downloading single tag selections that span ~100k posts alone without using the download limiter. Be reasonate!

Running example



Currently, you can install the latest version using cargo or download from Releases

cargo install imageboard_downloader

Or by cloning this repository and building it yourself

git clone

cd imageboard-downloader-rs

cargo build --release

cargo run --release -- search "your_tag" "your_another_tag_(cool)" -o ~/

The final binary will be located at target/release/imageboard_downloader

Windows releases coming someday...


The utility has 3 main operating modes:

1. Tag Search

This mode is the former default mode of the utility, where it will fetch all posts with a tag-based search

cargo run --release -- search [OPTIONS] <TAGS>...

2. Post download

This mode is meant for downloading a single or a select few posts byt inputting their id

cargo run --release --  post [OPTIONS] <POST_IDS>...

3. Pool download

This mode is for downloading entire groups of organized posts (pools)

cargo run --release -- pool [OPTIONS] <POOL_ID>

Each mode has their own unique set of options, see more details with imageboard_downloader --help or cargo run --release -- --help.


Download images from danbooru with specified tags

imageboard_downloader search "skyfire_(arknights)"

In case you want to authenticate with danbooru or e621, use the --auth flag only once. Then all subsequent downloads will use authentication as well.

Download images starting from page 10

imageboard_downloader search "skyfire_(arknights)" -s 10

Download only images with "safe" rating from e621

imageboard_downloader search -i e621 "ash_(pokemon)" "pikachu" --safe-mode

Download images from rule34 with 20 simultaneous downloads

imageboard_downloader search -i rule34 -d 20 "moe"

Save downloaded images with their id instead of md5 as filename

imageboard_downloader search -i e621 "wolf" "anthro" --id

By default, the program will download files to your current dir. In case you want to download files to another place use:

imageboard_downloader "kroos_(arknights)" -o /any/other/dir

This will save files in /any/other/dir/<file>.png If the specified directory does not exist, it will be created.

Download posts with annotated tags

In order to download posts and save their tags along with them in a .txt file, just run the app like this:

cargo run --release -- post -o /whenever --annotate 123 456 69420

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