icu_datagen 1.3.0

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icu_datagen is a library to generate data files that can be used in ICU4X data providers.

Data files can be generated either programmatically (i.e. in, or through a command-line utility.

Also see our datagen tutorial.


Rust API

use icu_datagen::blob_exporter::*;
use icu_datagen::prelude::*;
use std::fs::File;


Command line

The command line interface can be installed through Cargo.

$ cargo install icu_datagen

Once the tool is installed, you can invoke it like this:

$ icu4x-datagen --keys all --locales de en-AU --format blob --out data.postcard

For complex invocations, the CLI also supports configuration files:

$ icu4x-datagen config.json

More details can be found by running --help.

Cargo features

This crate has a lot of dependencies, some of which are not required for all operating modes. These default Cargo features can be disabled to reduce dependencies:

  • baked_exporter
    • enables the [baked_exporter] module
    • enables the --format mod CLI argument
  • blob_exporter
    • enables the [blob_exporter] module, a reexport of [icu_provider_blob::export]
    • enables the --format blob CLI argument
  • fs_exporter
    • enables the [fs_exporter] module, a reexport of [icu_provider_fs::export]
    • enables the --format dir CLI argument
  • networking
    • enables methods on [DatagenProvider] that fetch source data from the network
    • enables the --cldr-tag, --icu-export-tag, and --segmenter-lstm-tag CLI arguments that download data
  • rayon
    • enables parallelism during export
  • use_wasm / use_icu4c
  • bin
    • required by the CLI and enabled by default to make cargo install work
  • legacy_api
    • enables the deprecated pre-1.3 API
    • enabled by default for semver stability
    • will be removed in 2.0.

Experimental unstable ICU4X components are behind Cargo features which are not enabled by default. Note that these Cargo features affect the behaviour of [all_keys]:

  • icu_compactdecimal
  • icu_displaynames
  • icu_relativetime
  • icu_transliterate
  • ...

The meta-feature experimental_components is available to activate all experimental components.

More Information

For more information on development, authorship, contributing etc. please visit ICU4X home page.