hypercore 0.3.1

Secure, distributed, append-only log


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WIP. Secure, distributed, append-only log structure. Adapted from mafintosh/hypercore.


extern crate hypercore;

use hypercore::Feed;
use std::path::PathBuf;

let path = PathBuf::from("./my-first-dataset");
let mut feed = Feed::new(path).unwrap();


println!("{:?}", feed.get(0)); // prints "hello"
println!("{:?}", feed.get(1)); // prints "world"

Data Structures

  • feed: The main data structure in Hypercore. Append-only log that uses multiple data structures and algorithms to safely store data.
  • data: Data that's written to the feed by users.
  • keypair: An Ed25519 key pair used to encrypt data with.
  • signature: A cryptorgraphic certificate of authenticity for a given piece of code.
  • tree: A binary tree mapped as a flat-tree to keep an index of the current data.
  • bitfield: ???


$ cargo add hypercore


MIT OR Apache-2.0