hotg-runecoral 0.3.12

Bindings to the librunecoral library for doing hardware-accelerated inference. failed to build hotg-runecoral-0.3.12
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Visit the last successful build: hotg-runecoral-0.1.1


A thinly veiled wrapper around tflite and libedgetpu from Google




Windows 10:

  • Visual Studio Build tools 2019
  • Msys2
  • choco install python llvm bazel
  • pip install numpy
  • rust


  • git
  • bazel
  • XCode
  • pip install numpy
  • rust

Getting the sources

$ git clone
$ cd librunecoral
$ git submodule update --init --recursive

Build the docker container

$ make docker-image-linux
$ docker image ls
REPOSITORY                      TAG     IMAGE ID       CREATED         SIZE
tinyverseml/runecoral-cross-linux-aarch64                   latest         349cd3de00b3   2 days ago      2.9GB
tinyverseml/runecoral-cross-linux-x86_64                    latest         4f5fe19abfb7   2 days ago      2.73GB

Build the package for Linux

$ make librunecoral-linux-aarch64
$ ls dist/include
$ ls dist/lib/linux/aarch64

# To build for all supported CPU architectures under linux
$ make librunecoral-linux
$ ls dist/lib/linux
aarch64  x86_64

Build the package for / on Windows

$ bazel build --config windows //runecoral:runecoral
$ ls bazel-bin/runecoral/
_objs  runecoral.lib  runecoral.params

NOTE: On Windows you may need to clone librunecoral to C:\ or some such path in order to not run into Windows path length limitations

Thanks to:

  • Webcoral
  • libedgetpu
  • rust-embedded/cross (Especially for their docker container build scripts)