hoster 0.1.1

Small parser and lexer library for Hosts file format


Hosts file manager


Hosts-modifier is a program that aims to help you manage the system hosts file (/etc/hosts on Linux/MacOS and C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows). It simplifies the process of adding, removing and listing lines in the file. (Adding and Removing require administrator or super user privileges in the console or terminal.)

This program is designed for developers to help them manage host files, which they often do. (PHP develpment with XAMPP or any LAMPP stack, Laravel, Blocking sites etc...).


  1. Download from Releases page.

  2. Building from Source

Make sure you have golang, make and git installed for your operating system

$ git clone hosts && cd hosts
$ git checkout tags/v2.3.2 -b v2.3.2
$ make build VERSION=2.3.2 ENVIRONMENT=production RACE=0
$ make install

Make sure you've added $GOPATH/bin to the $PATH That's all.


hosts-modifier is a command line program

Get Help

$ hosts --help

Add Host

$ hosts add
  • If you don't pass ip, defaults to "" (same as example above)
$ hosts add

Remove Host

$ hosts remove

List Hosts

$ hosts list


This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL v2 only.