holochain_scaffolding_cli 0.3000.2

CLI to easily generate and modify holochain apps
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Holochain Scaffolding CLI

A command-line interface for creating and modifying a Holochain application (hApp).

    hc-scaffold [OPTIONS] <SUBCOMMAND>

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -t, --template <template>    The template to use for the hc-scaffold commands Can either be an option from the
                                 built-in templates: "vanilla", "vue", "lit", "svelte", "react", "headless" Or a path to
                                 a custom template

    collection    Scaffold a collection of entries in an existing zome
    dna           Scaffold a DNA into an existing app
    entry-type    Scaffold an entry type and CRUD functions into an existing zome
    example       Scaffold an example hApp
    help          Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    link-type     Scaffold a link type and its appropriate zome functions into an existing zome
    template      Manage custom templates
    web-app       Scaffold a new, empty web app
    zome          Scaffold one or multiple zomes into an existing DNA

See the full CLI reference here

Obtaining the scaffolding tool through holonix

The easiest way to start using the scaffolding tool is through holonix:

nix run github:holochain/holochain#hc-scaffold -- --version

Should print the version of the scaffolding tool.


Refer to the holochain developer instructions to know how you can use the scaffolding tool to create your own apps.

These are the commands that you can run with the scaffolding tool inside of a holonix develop shell:

# Scaffold an example app
hc scaffold example

# Scaffold an empty web-app
hc scaffold web-app forum

cd forum

# Scaffold a dna inside the newly scaffolded app
hc scaffold dna forum

# Scaffold a zome inside the newly scaffolded dna
hc scaffold zome posts

# Scaffold an entry-type inside the newly scaffolded zome
hc scaffold entry-type post

# Scaffold a collection for the newly scaffolded entry-type
hc scaffold collection global all_posts

# Scaffold a new link-type
hc scaffold link-type

Custom Templates

See the docs.rs documentation to learn how to use and create custom templates.


We have a contributing guide to help you get started. If you need anything else to get started please reach out on Discord!


We have a maintenance guide which is mainly aimed at maintainers of the project but may be useful for some contributors or users to read.

Manual installation

Install the CLI globally with this command.

cargo install holochain_scaffolding_cli