hask-replace 0.1.1

Rename haskell modules at the speed of Rust


hask-replace is a command-line tool that simplifies the process of renaming Haskell modules.

The Pitch

Here's an example of how you would use hr:

cabal unpack dhall
cd dhall-1.5.0
hr module . "Dhall.Import" "Dhall.Dependencies"
cabal new-build

As you can see, it's a lot less painful than whatever witchcraft you'd have to resort to to accomplish the same thing in bash.



The easiest way to install for most users is probably via a shell script, viz.

curl -LSfs https://japaric.github.io/trust/install.sh | sh -s -- --git vmchale/hask-replace

Binary releases

If the script doesn't work, you can also download prebuilt binaries. You can find binaries for various platforms on the release page.


First, install cargo. Then:

 $ cargo install hask-replace

You will need to use the nightly release for this to work; if in doubt run

rustup run nightly cargo install hask-replace