handlr 0.3.0

Manage mimeapps.list and default applications with ease
handlr-0.3.0 is not a library.

Manage your default applications with ease using handlr!


  • Set default handler by extension or mime-type
  • Intelligent mime type detection from files based on extension and content
  • Mime-type validation against a massive database
  • List default associations
  • Automatically removes invalid/wrong .desktop entries from mimeapps.list
  • Helper commands like launch, get --json for your scripting needs
  • Unnecessarily fast (written in Rust)
  • Single compiled binary with no dependencies


# Open a file/URL
handlr open ~/.dotfiles/pacman/packages.txt
handlr open https://google.ca

# Set default handler for png files
handlr set .png feh.desktop

# Set default handler based on mime
handlr set application/pdf evince.desktop

# List default apps
handlr list

# Get the handler for a mime/extension
$ handlr get .png

# Launch a handler with given path/URL
handlr launch x-scheme-handler/https -- https://google.ca

Compared to xdg-utils

  • Far easier to use with simple commands like get, set, list
  • Can operate on extensions, no need to look up or remember mime types
    • useful for common tasks like setting a handler for png/docx/etc files
  • Superb autocomplete (currently just fish), including mimes, extensions, and .desktop files
  • Optional json output for commands like get



While packages for distributions are pending,

  1. Download the latest release binary and put it somewhere in $PATH
  2. Download completions:
curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/chmln/handlr/master/completions/handlr.fish --create-dirs -o ~/.config/fish/completions/handlr.fish

Alternatively, you can install with cargo:

cargo install handlr


Icons made by Eucalyp from www.flaticon.com

Cover photo by creativebloq.com