gtmpl_value 0.5.1

Internal value format for gtmpl-rust

gtmpl_value   Latest Version

The internal value type for gmtpl-rust

gtmpl_value = "0.5"

Current State

gtmpl_value is a basic implementation for internal values within gtmpl-rust. It is used as to represent values parsed from the template and from the context.


The From trait is implemented for:

  • String, &str
  • most numeric types u64, u32, …, i64, i32, …, f64, f32
  • bool
  • Vec<Value>, &[Value]
  • HashMap<String, Value>

gtmpl_derive provides a custom derive for structs.

extern crate gtmpl_value;
use gtmpl_value::Value;

fn main() {
    let v: Value = "something".into();
    println!("{}", v);