gtk-layer-shell 0.2.1

Save gir-generated wrapper for gtk-layer-shell failed to build gtk-layer-shell-0.2.1
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Safe wrapper for gtk-layer-shell, generated from .gir file


The wrapper works just like described in gtk-layer-shell.h, except that you can use Rust types instead of pointers and such. Unfortunately I am struggling to auto-generate the docs. Examples can be found in the examples/ directory. To run an example, execute:

$ cargo run --example example

Generate the wrapper

Generating the wrapper yourself is not necessary to be able to use it. If you want to do it anyways, just clone the repository and the submodule "gir-files" with

git clone --recurse-submodules -j8
cd ./gtk-layer-shell-gir

If you have a newer .gir file then drop it in ./gir-files and run


After this you can run

cargo build

There should not have been any errors, just some warnings about unused stuff.

Why are you not using Rust 2018?

Gir currently has some issues with Rust 2018, which is why the 2015 version is used to generate the bindings (see this issue). No worries, you can still use the generated bindings with Rust 2018.


  • Auto-generate the documentation


Pull requests are very welcome :)