gpg-error 0.5.1

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libgpg-error bindings for Rust.


These crates require the libgpg-error library and its development files (e.g., headers, gpg-error-config) to be installed. The buildscript will attempt to detect the necessary information using the gpg-error-config script distributed with libgpg-error. If for whatever reason this does not work, the required information can also be specified using one or more environment variables:

  • LIBGPG_ERROR_INCLUDE specifies the path(s) where header files can be found.
  • LIBGPG_ERROR_LIB_DIR specifies the path(s) where library files (e.g., *.so, *.a, *.dll, etc.) can be found.
  • LIBGPG_ERROR_LIBS specifies the name(s) of all required libraries.
  • LIBGPG_ERROR_STATIC controls whether libraries are linked to statically or dynamically by default. Individual libraries can have their linkage overridden by prefixing their names with either static= or dynamic= in LIBGPG_ERROR_LIBS.
  • LIBGPG_ERROR_CONFIG specifies the path to the gpg-error-config script.

Each environment variable, with the exceptions of LIBGPG_ERROR_STATIC and LIBGPG_ERROR_CONFIG, can take multiple values separated by the platform's path separator.

NOTE: Previous versions of these crates bundled the sources of the libgpg-error library and attempted to build them via the buildscript. This is no longer supported.