goblin 0.0.9

An impish, cross-platform binary parsing and loading crate

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Goblin requires rustc 1.15.

Add to your Cargo.toml

goblin = "0.0.9"


  • awesome crate name
  • the best, most feature complete ELF64/32 implementation, ever - now with auto type punning!
  • zero-copy, cross-platform, endian-aware, 32/64 bit Mach-o parser - wow!
  • PE 32/64-bit parser
  • many cfg options - it will make your head spin, and make you angry when reading the source!
  • goblins (TBA)
  • tests

libgoblin aims to be your one-stop shop for binary parsing, loading, and analysis.


Here are some things you could do with this crate (or help to implement so they could be done):

  1. write a compiler and use it to generate binaries (all ELF32/64 have Pwrite derived)
  2. write a binary analysis tool which loads, parses, and analyzes various binary formats, e.g., panopticon
  3. write a semi-functioning dynamic linker
  4. write a kernel and load binaries using no_std cfg. I.e., it is essentially just struct and const defs (like a C header) - no fd, no output, no std.
  5. write a bin2json tool (http://github.com/m4b/bin2json), because why shouldn't binary formats be in JSON?


libgoblin is designed to be massively configurable. The current flags are:

  • elf64 - 64-bit elf binaries, repr(C) struct defs
  • elf32 - 32-bit elf binaries, repr(C) struct defs
  • mach64 - 64-bit mach-o repr(C) struct defs
  • mach32 - 32-bit mach-o repr(C) struct defs
  • pe32 - 32-bit PE repr(C) struct defs
  • pe64 - 64-bit PE repr(C) struct defs
  • archive - a Unix Archive parser
  • endian_fd - parses according to the endianness in the binary
  • std - to allow no_std environments