gitlab-ci-validate 0.0.4

Checks if your .gitlab-ci.yml file is valid.
gitlab-ci-validate-0.0.4 is not a library.


Checks if your .gitlab-ci.yml file is valid.

I decided to create a simple cli tool to try Rust so this repository is a fork of my nodejs version


$ cargo install gitlab-ci-validate


# To see all the available options
$ gitlab-ci-validate --help

# It will try to find if .gitlab-ci.yml is present on the current folder if no file path is provided
$ gitlab-ci-validate <file-path>

# You can specify your own gitlab host if you need
$ gitlab-ci-validate <file-path> --host https://my-gitlab-url

# You can provide a private token if you need
$ gitlab-ci-validate <file-path> --private-token <my-gitlab-token>


MIT © Léo Pradel