git2 0.2.11

Bindings to libgit2 for interoperating with git repositories. This library is both threadsafe and memory safe and allows both reading and writing git repositories. failed to build git2-0.2.11
Please check the build logs and, if you believe this is' fault, open an issue.
Visit the last successful build: git2-0.13.6


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libgit2 bindings for Rust

git2 = "0.2"

Building git2-rs

First, you'll need to install CMake and pkg-config if you don't already have libgit2 installed elsewhere on the system. Afterwards, just run:

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd git2-rs
$ cargo build


git2-rs is primarily distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0), with portions covered by various BSD-like licenses.

See LICENSE-APACHE, and LICENSE-MIT for details.