git-latest-commit 0.1.3

Add data about the latest git commit for a project at build time, for run-time reporting.


Makes a file available to a Rust project at build time containing the latest commit's sha and summary as static vars.

Shamelessly adapted from cstorey/git-build-version.

Invoke this tool in your package build step. In Cargo.toml, add it as a build dep:

name = "something-gratuitously-mentioning-rust"
build = ""

git-latest-commit = "0.1.3"

Then, in at the top level of your project:

extern crate git_latest_commit;

const PACKAGE_TOP_DIR : &'static str = ".";

fn main()
    git_latest_commit::write(PACKAGE_TOP_DIR).expect("Exporting git commit info.");