ginepro 0.5.0

A client-side gRPC channel implementation for tonic


ginepro provides client-side gRPC load-balancing out of the box by enriching tonic ‘s channel with periodic service discovery. CI Coverage Status


ginepro enriches tonic by periodcally updating the list of servers that are available through a ServiceDiscovery interface that currently is implemented for DNS.

How to install

Add ginepro to your dependencies

# ...
ginepro = "0.3.0"

Getting started

The interface remains fairly the same as we implement all the logic for a drop-in replacement for tonic's Channel.

// Using the `LoadBalancedChannel`.
use ginepro::LoadBalancedChannel;
use ginepro::pb::tester_client::TesterClient;

// Build a load-balanced channel given a service name and a port.
let load_balanced_channel = LoadBalancedChannel::builder(
    ("my_hostname", 5000)
  .expect("failed to construct LoadBalancedChannel");

// Initialise a new gRPC client for the `Test` service
// using the load-balanced channel as transport
let grpc_client = TesterClient::new(load_balanced_channel);

For more examples, have a look at the examples directory.