geoq 0.0.3

Geospatial utility CLI
geoq-0.0.3 is not a library.


Build Status

Geoq is a command-line tool for working with geospatial data.

It unifies a few common GIS serialization formats with come utilities for manipulating and visualizing data on a map.

As a brief taste, the command:

echo '{"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[30,10],[40,40],[20,40],[10,20],[30,10]]]}' | geoq map

will open a browser window to render the desired polygon on a map.

See the Manual for more examples and available commands.


Currently installation is done through, the Rust package repository.

If you have Rust installed, simply:

cargo install geoq

To install Rust and the Cargo toolchain:

curl -sSf | sh

You'll also need to add Cargo's bin directory to your path:

# e.g. in your ~/.bash_profile or other shell profile
export PATH="$HOME/.cargo/bin:$PATH"

Project Status

This library is still in its infancy and there are probably a lot of rough edges.

What Works

  • The commands documented in the Manual should mostly work
  • Reading the supported input formats (Lat/Lon, Geohash, Wkt, Geojson) should be pretty reliable

What Doesnt

  • Error handling is still pretty rough; in particular there's not great consistency between aborting loudly on some errors vs. handling and skipping over problematic inputs for others.
  • Docs need improvement, and I'm especially hoping to add better usage instructions and examples to the built-in help texts.
  • Some commands are still restricted to certain types of geometries
  • Hopefully more features will be added soon, as well as potentially more supported input formats