frugalos 1.2.0

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Frugalos is a distributed object storage written by Rust.
It is suitable for storing medium size BLOBs that become petabyte scale in total.



You can install frugalos by the following command:

$ cargo install frugalos

Note: The current installation process requires automake, autoconf, and libtool to build liberasurecode internally. If you have not installed them, please install them. (See also liberasurecode's prerequisites)

You can also use pre-build binaries from the releases page.

Simple Example

// Create a cluster.
$ frugalos create --id example --data-dir example/
Oct 26 13:42:06.244 INFO [START] create: local=Server { id: "example", seqno: 0, host: V4(, port: 14278 }; data_dir.as_ref()="example/"; , server: example@, module: frugalos_config::cluster:121
Oct 26 13:42:06.245 INFO Creates data directry: "example/", server: example@, module: frugalos_config::cluster:113
Oct 26 13:42:06.256 INFO [START] LoadBallot: lump_id=LumpId("03000000000000000000000000000000"); , server: example@, module: frugalos_raft::storage::ballot:21

// Start a frugalos process in the background.
$ frugalos start --data-dir example/ &
Oct 26 13:46:16.046 INFO Local server info: Server { id: "example", seqno: 0, host: V4(, port: 14278 }, module: frugalos_config::service:68
Oct 26 13:46:16.062 INFO [START] LoadBallot: lump_id=LumpId("03000000000000000000000000000000"); , module: frugalos_raft::storage::ballot:21
Oct 26 13:46:16.086 INFO Starts RPC server, server:, module: fibers_rpc::rpc_server:221

// Add a device and a bucket to store objects.
$ DEVICE_JSON='{"file": {"id": "file0", "server": "example", "filepath": "example/file0.lusf"}}'
$ curl -XPUT -d "$DEVICE_JSON" http://localhost:3000/v1/devices/file0

$ BUCKET_JSON='{"metadata": {"id": "bucket0", "device": "file0", "tolerable_faults": 1}}'
$ curl -XPUT -d "$BUCKET_JSON" http://localhost:3000/v1/buckets/bucket0

// PUT and GET an object.
$ curl -XPUT -d 'your_object_data' http://localhost:3000/v1/buckets/bucket0/objects/your_object_id
$ curl http://localhost:3000/v1/buckets/bucket0/objects/your_object_id

Please see REST API for details and other available APIs.

For Frugalos Developers

Please see Developer's Guide.