freetype-sys 0.13.1

Low level binding for FreeType font library

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Low level bindings for the FreeType font library

For windows users


In order to easily setup freetype just get MSYS2 and install either the mingw-w64-x86_64-freetype or mingw-w64-i686-freetype package and then use Rust from within the correct mingw shell of MSYS2.

More information on setting up MSYS2 for Rust can be found in the Rust readme


Prebuilt libraries for freetype are available here.

Then in the root of your project, in one of the parent directories, or in your home directory, create a .cargo directory. This directory should contain a config file that contains the following snippet:

rustc-link-search = ["C:\\Path\\To\\binaries\\i686"]
rustc-link-lib = ["freetype"]

rustc-link-search = ["C:\\Path\\To\\binaries\\x86_64"]
rustc-link-lib = ["freetype"]

For more informations, check the official Cargo documentation.