frank_jwt 2.1.1

Implementation of JSON JWT

Frank JWT Build Status

Implementation of JSON Web Tokens in Rust. It supports HS256, 384 and 512 signature algorithms.


Put this in your Cargo.toml:

frank_jwt = "*"

And this in your crate root:

extern crate frank_jwt;

use frank_jwt::Header;
use frank_jwt::Payload;
use frank_jwt::encode;
use frank_jwt::decode;
use frank_jwt::Algorithm;


let mut payload = Payload::new();
payload.insert("key1".to_string(), "val1".to_string());
payload.insert("key2".to_string(), "val2".to_string());
payload.insert("key3".to_string(), "val3".to_string());

let secret = "secret123";
let header = Header::new(Algorithm::HS256);

let jwt = encode(header, secret.to_string(), payload.clone());


Apache 2.0


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