formdata 0.6.1

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This library provides a function for parsing a stream in multipart/form-data format. It separates embedded files and streams them to disk.

HTML forms with enctype=multipart/form-data POST their data in this format. This enctype is used whenever a form has file upload input fields, as the default application/x-www-form-urlencoded cannot handle file uploads.


// `headers` is your `hyper::headers::Headers` from your hyper or iron request.
// `request` is the readable stream, and can be the hyper or iron request itself.

let boundary = try!(get_multipart_boundary(&headers));
let form_data = try!(parse_multipart(&mut request, boundary));

for (name, value) in form_data.fields {
    println!("Posted field name={} value={}",name,value);

for (name, file) in form_data.files {
    println!("Posted file name={} filename={:?} content_type={} size={} temporary_path={:?}",
             name, file.filename, file.content_type, file.size, file.path);