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This library provides a function for server-side parsing of a stream in multipart/form-data format as described by RFC 7578. It separates embedded files and streams them to temporary files on disk, while collecting the other form fields into the returned data structure.

HTML forms with enctype=multipart/form-data POST their data in this format. This enctype is typically used whenever a form has file upload input fields, as the default application/x-www-form-urlencoded cannot handle file uploads.

Usage in Iron

Iron users are directed to consider using the crate, which is an Iron plugin that works at a higher level and gives a broader scope than this crate does.


// `headers` is your `hyper::headers::Headers` from your hyper or iron request.
// `request` is the readable stream, and could be your hyper Request or iron HttpRequest, or

let boundary = try!(get_multipart_boundary(&headers));
let form_data = try!(parse_multipart(&mut request, boundary));

for (name, value) in form_data.fields {
    println!("Posted field name={} value={}",name,value);

for (name, file) in form_data.files {
    println!("Posted file name={} filename={:?} content_type={} size={} temporary_path={:?}",
             name, file.filename, file.content_type, file.size, file.path);