float-cmp 0.2.4

Floating point approximate comparison traits


Build Status MIT licensed

Documentation is available at https://mikedilger.github.io/float-cmp

float-cmp defines traits for approximate comparison of floating point types which have fallen away from exact equality due to rounding and inaccuracies within the floating point unit of your computer's processor. Implementations of these traits are provided for f32 and f64 types.

Two methods of comparison are provided. The first, ApproxEqUlps and ApproxOrdUlps, consider two comparands equal if the number of representable floating point numbers between them is below a specified bound. This works well in most cases.

The second method of comparison, ApproxEqRatio, considers two comparands equal if the ratio of the difference between them to the larger is below some specified bound. This handles many of the cases that the former type of comparison doesn't handle well.

To help choose which comparison method to use, and to learn many suprising facts and oddities about floating point numbers, please refer to the following excellent website: https://randomascii.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/comparing-floating-point-numbers-2012-edition/