flexver-rs 0.1.2

Comparer for FlexVer-spec versions


A Rust implementation of FlexVer.

Getting It

You can either copy (and rename) lib.rs wholesale into your project, or retrieve it from crates.io like so in Cargo.toml:

flexver-rs = "0.1.2"


The crate provides both a compare function and the FlexVer struct. The FlexVer struct implements Ord, and thus supports all of the comparison operations.

fn compare(left: &str, right: &str) -> std::cmp::Ordering; // Type signature

assert_eq!(compare("1.0.0", "1.1.0"), Ordering::Less);

struct FlexVer(&str); // Type signature

assert!(FlexVer("1.0.0") < FlexVer("1.1.0"));

You can find additional examples in the tests section at the bottom of lib.rs.