flat-tree 1.1.0

Rust module for encoding/decoding varints that doesn't do any IO. Inspired by the Node.js varint module


Rust version of flat-tree. A series of functions to map a binary tree to a list

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extern crate flat_tree;

let parent = flat_tree::parent(0);
println!("parent of 0 is {}", parent);


index(depth: u64, offset: u64) -> u64

Returns the flat-tree of the tree node at the specified depth and offset

depth(node: u64) -> u64

Returns the depth of a node

offset(node: u64) -> u64

Returns the offset of a node

parent(node: u64) -> u64

Returns the parent of a node

sibling(node: u64) -> u64

Returns the sibling of a node

uncle(node: u64) -> u64

Returns the parent's sibling of a node

children(node: u64) -> (u64, u64)

Returns both children of a node.

left_child(node: u64) -> u64

Returns only the left child of a node

right_child(node: u64) -> u64

Returns only the right child of a node

right_span(node: u64) -> u64

Returns the right most node in the tree that i spans

left_span(node: u64) -> u64

Returns the left most node in the tree that i spans

spans(node: u64) -> (u64, u64)

Returns the left and right most nodes in the tree that i spans

count(node: u64) -> u64

Returns how many nodes are in the tree that the node spans

full_roots(node: u64) -> Vec<u64>

Returns all the previous fully rooted trees before the node